DCC Annual General Meeting

Thursday 7th October 2021 (7.00pm)

The Bakers Arms – 7 Maldon Road

After 3 years I’m stepping down as Chair and although I have thoroughly enjoyed serving you as El Presidente, I do believe it’s not healthy for any person to hold onto the Chairmanship for too long. I believe now is a good time to pass the reins on! So, I do hope someone steps forward. 

Before I go I wanted one last opportunity to abuse my powers and leave you with the following thoughts.

The club was formed for the mutual benefit of the members with social all-inclusive club rides at the heart of its ethos. We should perhaps discuss what members want in terms of regular club rides. For example, are we now large enough to splinter off into smaller groups determined by speed and distance but with the inherent risk that we start to form cliques that undermines the purpose of having a club in the first place? Or do we still all want to go out in manageable groups with a common distance goal and café stop? Why when it clearly states in the club’s constitution to wear club colours on all club organised activities does the Club’s Treasurer not wear his club jersey?

We all enjoy the social aspect and the drafting benefits of riding together within a group. However, too many times on DCC group rides I’ve seen riders (yes me included!) riding for themselves, and not for the overall benefit of the group. This includes racing off at junctions and not checking to see if the group has cleared the junction safely, forcing the pace either on ascents and yes even on descents, not calling out potholes or traffic obstructions, and not dropping back to offer a wheel to someone who might be struggling to get back on. I think we should reflect on what we want from our club rides. Is it for groups to go out and target an optimal average speed (like Athlon)? Or is to ride on a social fun basis within a group ensuring all riders get safely together to that much deserved café stop? 

Now on the flip side, every rider has a responsibility to achieve a level of fitness that is consummate with riding within a cycling group. Don’t be that person who for whatever reason (i.e., not been riding for ages, drinking the night before, smashed up your legs on a big ride the previous day etc.!) looks to singularly hold the whole group to ransom. If you’re the only person struggling then do the decent thing, let the group go, ride home, and live to fight another day (and don’t moan about it on WhatApp!).  

Some food for thought! 

I’m hoping to see as many of you as possible at the AGM. It will be our regular AGM format of fish and chips, a few drinks and then down to club business. Let’s hope we can get one of the big dogs to become the new Chairman!!! 

Please see below the agenda for the AGM 

  • Membership update – current  numbers  
  • Finance update
  • DCC subs 2022. 
  • Club Insurance renewal – British Cycling 
  • Website update / domain renewals
  • Election of 20220 committee. 
  • DCC club ethos / ride format discussion  
  • Mallorca 2022 discussion 
  • Any other business

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