DCC 500 Tour

It’s been a while since the last blog, meanwhile we’ve had the “The Beast from the East” sequel when only nutters rode their bikes (Badger and Woody being the obvious culprits)! Anyway, suffice to say we’ve extended the tour’s finish date by an extra 2 weeks to make up for the bad weather; and since it’s looking highly likely that riding in groups of 6 will resume at the end of March, I’m hopeful that the last couple of stages we will be able to ride together!  

Special mention goes to Badger, Big Dave, Pedro, Wobbly and Woody for successfully completing all 5 stages and to Media Matt who was nearly there but had a mechanical and honourably had his stage 5 attempt discounted! 

Etape 6 has been released this morning, go out enjoy the great weather and ride your bikes”like you’ve just stolen it”! 

If you’re abandoning the DCC 500 tour can you please let me know. Good luck and stay safe!  

NicknameTotal Etape 1Etape 2Etape 3Etape 4Etape 5
El President211   
Big Dave 511111
Big Gear 2 11  
Captain 3111  
The Fisherman 1  1  
Maverick 11    
The Mechanic 11    
Media Matt41111 
Super G 21 1  

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