Annual General Meeting – 27th February 2021

Due to obvious reasons, we as club members are unable to meet in person for the AGM. I’m not sure there is much to discuss since unfortunately we’ve all spent the best part of the year in lockdowns and restricted from riding as a club. However, we have a requirement as a club to hold an AGM.

Therefore, I’m setting up a WhatsApp video call with the minimum quorum of 6 people, 3 committee members (Kevin E, Matt and myself) plus 3 others (Mark, Steve and Dave) to go through the mandatory undertakings (i.e. accounts, election of committee etc.). 

Hopefully we can arrange an EGM at a later date when our lives get back to normal which should consist of a good catch up and some riding plans over a drink or two! Meanwhile, if you have anything you wish to be considered or added to the agenda please do not hesitate in letting me know.  

Finally, I’m more than happy to continue as Chairman but I’d also happy to step aside if anyone fancies the job! 


  • Introduction – Rob C 
  • Membership update (current Numbers) – Kevin E  
  • Finance update – Kevin E 
  • DCC subs 2021 (proposing £10 
  • Insurance renewal (currently members if Cycling UK and British Cycling, do we want to continue with both?) – Rob C  
  • Website update / domain renewals, WhatsApp, Facebook, Strava update (do want to continue with Facebook?) – Matt 
  • Election of 2021 committee. 
  • Any other business

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