DCC 500 Tour

Nice and simple challenge. To complete 10 stages (approximately 500 kms) within 10 weeks.


  1. The tour will run from Saturday 9th January to Sunday 21st March 2021 (“tour period”)
  2. Tour stages will have a distance of approximately 50 kms or 35 miles in old money 
  3. To complete the tour, winning the right to be a “DCC 500 Hardcore” and thereby entering into the club’s folklore you need to have ridden all 10 stages by Sunday 21st March. 
  4. Each tour route will be released on a weekly basis via WhatsApp. For this tour Ash will be designing the course!  Each stage will have a slightly different theme. 
  5. Each tour stage can be completed at any time within the 10-week tour period. However, be careful not to let unridden stages build up and leave yourself too much to do! 
  6. Tour stages can be ridden solo or as a pair. Please don’t feel compelled to ride with your regular buddy but look to invite another rider if you’re comfortable to do so in the current climate. It’s a great way to get to know people better!  
  7. DCC members can join at any time during the tour period

I’ll be running a DCC 500 Hardcore tour blog so please feel free to share photos or swap some banter with me. I’ll never let the truth get in the way of a good story. And remember winter miles equals summer smiles!!!

Good luck to everyone! Stay safe. 

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