DCC Bubble Pairs Challenge

Final Day Results

The second lockdown has come to an end and thankfully so as the DCC Bubble Pairs Challenges. Here are the results:

Most Miles – Andy “The Machine” & El Presidente 

Longest Ride – Andy “The Machine” & El Presidente

Highest Average Miles per Ride – Andy “The Machine” & El Presidente

Most Rides Completed – Ant & Woody

Most Night Time Rides – Ant & Woody

Most Romantic Ride – Captain & Super G 

Wooden Spoon – Media Matt & Simon 

Not much more to say, the results speak for themselves. Now I need to get a life!!! 

No of RidesAvg per RideLongest RideTotal Miles
Andy & El Presidente964.89109.22583.99
Cpt Cook & Super G760.5989.32424.16
Ant & Woody1131.3443.5344.75
Kevin & Jake 647.8164.26286.88
Sharon & Wendy927.5852.11248.21
Mark & Wobbly Rob 547.0466.86235.19
Abi & G634.0747.15204.44
Ash & Bionic Brian 630.0536.37180.28
Big Dave & Nick341.6443.75124.93
Rugby Dave & Mike429.6237.05118.46
Media Matt & Simon332.2641.2996.78

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