DCC Bubble Pairs Challenge

Day 16

Another great week for mileage with mountain bike and chilly night rides all going into the mix! Well done everyone. 

With only 10 days to go before this second lockdown challenge ends it’s warming up nicely at the pointy end of the leader board. Who is going to step up and claim the DCC Bubble Pairs Challenge? Who is going to be second best with only memories of romantic night time rides and a trip to a castle? And who is going to end up with the dreaded wooden spoon for finishing lasts! 

All shall be revealed!! 

Total MilesBonus
Andy & El Presidente366.62 366.62
Cpt Cook & Super G311.45 311.45
Kevin & Jake 245.92 245.92
Ant & Woody222.735.00227.73
Abi & G172.22 172.22
Sharon & Wendy171.40 171.40
Mark & Wobbly Rob 168.33 168.33
Ash & Bionic Brian 115.76 115.76
Big Dave & Nick87.40 87.40
Rugby Dave & Mike87.06 87.06
Media Matt & Simon55.49 55.49

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