DCC Bubble Pairs Challenge

Day 3

We are into the first few days of the DCC Bubble Pairs Challenge and we’ve had some strong showings from our teams. However, it’s early days and we all know the fable of the “Tortoise and the Hare”. 

It nice to see some clear tactics from our teams with some choosing to go for a long single stint whilst other electing for numerous short rides. Others carrying out brake tests! One team decided to lark around off-road performing stunts into thorn bushes!  Thankfully the well respected commissaire has seen the funny side and awarded 5 bonus miles to this hapless duo.  

Results to date

Total MilesBonus
Kevin & Jake 105.95 105.95
Abi & G103.98 103.98
Cpt Cook & Super G74.50 74.50
Andy & El Presidente73.70 73.70
Big Dave & Nick43.75 43.75
Nigel & Wobbly Rob 43.64 43.64
Ant & Woody33.075.0038.07
Rugby Dave & Mike27.70 27.70
Media Matt & Simon27.59 27.59
Sharon & Wendy20.19 20.19
Ash & Bionic Brian 0.00 0.00

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