DCC Bubble Pairs Challenge

To complete the most miles during the 2nd lockdown


  1. The challenge will run from Saturday 7th November to midnight Wednesday 2nd December (“the challenge period”)
  2. Teams will consist of 2 riders (i.e. “Bubble Pairs”). The Bubble Pair must ride together at all times. Solo rides will not count.
  3. Qualifying miles are those ridden outside (i.e. on real roads) and must be logged on STRAVA by both riders. Turbo miles do not qualify*
  4. The commissaire will scrutinise STRAVA and determine qualifying miles. The commissaire ruling is final but he does like gifts in the form of alcohol. 
  5. Qualifying miles are those completed by the “Bubble Pair” during the challenge period. There is no combining of mileage for the 2 riders. Only one of the rider’s miles will be used as qualifying miles. In most cases this will be the lowest mileage of the two riders. 
  6. Bubble Pairs can ride whenever they wish and how often they wish. There are no limitations to the number of rides. 
  7. The commissaire has the discretions to award bonus miles to a deserving Bubble Pair. Bonus miles maybe awarded for example if a ride has taken place in inclement weather, a tough course ridden with lots of climbing, funny picture taken, or simply a bribe to the commissaire. 
  8. Time Trial Bars are permitted but deep rim carbon wheels are not! 
  9. Electric motors or E-bikes are not permitted! 
  10. Goes without saying but please ride within your capability and stay safe. Enjoy! 

*The commissaire has granted an exception for Abi who needs to self-isolate and will look to match G on the turbo

The Bubble Pairs – new teams can join anytime during the challenge period

  • Abi & G
  • Andy & El President 
  • Ant & Woody
  • Ash & Bionic Brian 
  • Big Dave & Nick
  • Captain Cook & Super G 
  • Kevin & Jake
  • Media Matt & Simon 
  • Nigel & Wobbly Rob 
  • Rugby Dave & Mysterious Mike
  • Sharon & Wendy
  • Special K & Mark

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