SI Tour Diary

Monday 1st June

Ok there is a lull in the action as riders summon up the bravery to take on Stage 5!

Meanwhile a little competition. Below are 10 quotes from the tour. Who can be the first to name all the riders? Answers on a post code please:

  1. “Now Mr Chairman I don’t want to quibble, but my time was 3:11:16. That moves me in the ranking from 17th to 17th!”
  2. “Sorry for confusing the issue but does your route take in my favorite climb up Station Road”
  3. Ran out of water and energy had to stop at Latchington garage for refuelling. It’s sweltering out there!”  
  4. “I saw the poor teddies on the telegraph pole opposite the scrap metal & one on some scaffolding….I peeped at Chucky hoping he didn’t see me”
  5. “Like bringing a gun to a knife fight”
  6. “I completed Stage 2 today and, would like it to be tagged “WIND” affected”
  7. “Very annoying at the red traffic light on the second segment lost at least 15 minutes there!”  
  8. “If I could of got them off I’d of lobbed them in the nearest hedge”
  9. “You’ve got an 8 minute lead just get out there pussy”
  10. “Superb team effort, well done everyone. I never doubted you”

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