SI Tour Diary

Sunday 24th May

As there are still some riders to complete stage 4, I will publish full results after the bank holiday weekend.

Meanwhile some details on the Queen stage which will be recorded on your individual time but will also contain 2-minute time bonuses awarded for the best time on the following 4 KoM Strava segments:

  1. Wood Road Uphill (2% 1.79 miles) approx 5 ½ miles into the ride
  2. Bertie Basset (3% 0.71 miles) approx 14 ¼ miles into the ride
  3. Rectory Wood Climb (3% 1.51 miles) approx 21 miles into the ride
  4. N Hill Climb (5% 0.99 miles) approx 29 miles into the ride

As mentioned, the Queen stage will determine who finally gets to keep the Self Isolation Yellow and Polka Dot jerseys as the final 6th stage in true tradition will be a ceremonial ride.

No doubt the course will challenge some of our navigational skills but it’s on roads we are very familiar with. Please be careful on the descents and stay safe.

Good luck!

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