The SI Tour Diary

Wednesday 20th May

As stage 4 nears completion and the last of the riders battle the very warm conditions thoughts are turning to the penultimate stage. Inspired by Ash and designed for maximum punishment this is a course befitting any tour’s Queen stage. Centred around Danbury’s gentle hills with over 1500 feet of climbing covering a mere 31 miles this up & down course will test your mental fortitude. The 5th stage parcour will also determine who finally gets to keep the Self Isolation Yellow and Polka Dot jerseys as the final 6th stage in true tradition will be a ceremonial ride based on an average time for all those that have completed the stage.

So, who will crack on Danbury’s gruelling hills? Will Stuart, the clear favourite, have Matt’s predicted Devon Loch moment even thou he has a 10-minute lead? Will Graeme attempt to ride the hilly course with his trusty TT bars?  Will red traffic lights mysteriously pop-up around Danbury robing Steve of valuable time? Will the course’s complex navigational demands result in Diesel Dave getting lost again? So many deep thought provoking questions that will finally get answered on this stage. Remember “it isn’t over till the fat lady sings!!!

However, for many of us domestiques the Queen stage will be about survival, joining the virtual broom wagon and knowing that once this penultimate stage is completed, we will be able to enjoy the ceremonial last tour stage. When I came upon the idea of the SI tour, I was hoping that for the final stage we could’ve all ridden together perhaps stopping for a glass of something to congratulate ourselves on completing this solo virtual tour but alas we still have our social distancing restrictions.

Gird up your loins the Queen stage is coming!!!!

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