The SI Tour Diary

Monday 18th May 

Half way through the Self Isolation tour and with a week to go before Stage 4 closes we have 10 riders completing some great rides but there are still 11 riders yet to go! The wind looks like it’s picking up as we head towards the weekend. Don’t leave it too late guys!!!

Stand out rides over the weekend came from Paul and newcomer Simon with Steve being the first rider to go under 3 minutes for the dreaded Purleigh climb towards the end of the parcour. Robert showed us that class is forever!

Riders are starting to experience some mental fatigue as those solo miles build up and I would like to say that it going to get easier but with the Queen stage up next, it’s only going to get harder.

Stage 4 Results to date

Stage 4
Stuart 01:54:45
Dave 01:54:45
Steve 02:00:15
Robert 02:03:49
Jamie 02:04:21
Paul 02:09:57
Diesel Dave 02:11:54
Ash 02:15:33
Simon 02:17:47
Abi 02:25:47

Stage 4 KoM /QoM Results to date 

Steve 00:02:58
Jamie 00:03:02
Stuart 00:03:06
Dave 00:03:08
Robert 00:03:19
Paul 00:03:29
Diesel Dave 00:03:58
Simon 00:04:00
Ash 00:04:07
Abi 00:04:24

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