The SI Tour Diary

Monday 27th April

What a weekend for the Self Isolation tour with 8 riders completing various solo stages. But first things first, I need to award the coveted Purple Combative jersey (I know the one everyone talks about!) and for stage 2 it rightly goes to Karim for his alleged force 10 ride (check the weather forecast next time)!

Now to stage 3 which as we know is a virtual team trial and such was Team Indurain leader’s motivational pep talk that 4 of his domestiques, despite talks about teddy bear picnics, went out and buried themselves in his service. Great rides but will they be enough?

Team Hinault joint leader Dave delivered a stupendous time and one suspects he has the team to back him up if only I can receive a cash payment! Media Matt is riding into form and certainly set a great cracking time for Team Merckx, a team after TTbargate we know likes to push the boundaries of the rules! (the commissaire is watching you!)

Finally, please find below a correction on where the 3 KOM Strava segments for stage 3 are:

  1. Beckingham Road Climb (2% 0.53 miles) about 10.6 miles into the ride.
  2. Braxted Drag (2% 0.59 miles) and approximately 25.2 miles into the ride.
  3. N Hill Climb (5% 0.95 miles) and it’s the sting at the end of tail at approximately 36.2 miles into the ride.

Stage 3 Team Trial results to date

Team Merckx Time Team Indurain Time Team Hinault Time
Greame (L) Stuart (L) Steve (JL)
Katy Andy Dave (JL) 01:52:32
George Sharon Pete
Karim Paul 02:05:57 Bionic Brian
Nigel Ash 02:13:29 Rob (SD)
Jamie Robert 02:05:46 Abi
Media Matt 02:03:31 Diesel Dave 02:04:47
Avg Time 02:03:31 Avg Time 02:07:30 Avg Time 01:52:32

KoM / QoM Stage 3 results to  date

S3 -1st S3 – 2nd S3 – 3rd S3 Total
Dave 00:01:38 00:01:59 00:05:03 00:08:40
Media Matt 00:01:57 00:02:14 00:05:43 00:09:54
Robert 00:01:58 00:02:26 00:05:59 00:10:23
Paul 00:02:03 00:02:04 00:06:17 00:10:24
Diesel Dave 00:02:07 00:02:34 00:06:44 00:11:25
Ash 00:02:18 00:02:56 00:07:46 00:13:00

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