The SI Tour Diary

Monday 30th March

The DCC SI Tour kicked-off last Saturday but not surprisingly due to the “4 seasons in one day” weather we experienced this weekend meant all riders elected to delay their assault on the Stage 1 Bakehouse (50 mile) course. Currently time is on their side but the clock is ticking. Who will be the first brave rider to put down a time? Could be a Purple Combative jersey up for grabs for the first rider!!

Meanwhile the resident bookie declared some interesting odds on the runners and riders. Suffice to say the mind games have started with early favourite Dave M declaring a lack of form!! Still time for other club members to get involved, some noticeable absences not yet declared.

Meanwhile, some information on the Stage/course:

  • Stage 1 to be completed by Saturday 11th April
  • Start is on Little Baddow Road just before Eves Corner (Tea on the Green)
  • Finish is at the end of Mayes Lane just before the mini roundabouts.
  • There will be 3 KOM STRAVA segments.
  1. The St Climb 1.49 miles 4% this is 17 miles out and starts outside of Pleshey
  2. Swansong 1.13 miles 2% this is 40 miles out and it’s the lane approaching Stock
  3. Bicknacre rd to Danbury 1.13 miles 3% the last mile before you finish!!!!

Stay safe everyone!!! Stay tuned for developments

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