DCC 2019 AGM

Annual General Meeting held at The Bakers Arms Wednesday 8th January 2020 (7.00pm)

Attendance: RC (Chairman), KE (Treasurer), MA (Club Secretary), MS, SC, DG, CE, NM, PFn, PFy, GS, KH and GF.


  • Membership Update – Current Numbers.
    • Paid up members have remained constant at 28 as compared to 2018 (17 in 2016 and 27 in 2017)
  • Finance Update.
    • Current balance £572.51 – Ended 2019 with a surplus of £214.53.
    • KE circulated copies of full accounts for review.
    • Further copies available from KE on request.
  • Membership Fes for 2020
    • Agreed that membership fees for 2020 will be £5, agreed as a nominal amount for 2020
    • Fees will be for the calendar year, no reductions for part year membership.
    • Members agreed that only paid up club members should have access to DCC WhatsApp group chat.
  • Cycling UK / Insurance Renewal
    • Members agreed that the DCC should continue to subscribe to Cycling UK as an affiliated member, this also covers the club’s third-party insurance for group rides. Action: MS to renew asap.
    • It should be noted that the Cycling UK Ride and Event Organiser Insurance covers the club and the following recognized officials:
      • RC – Chairman / Ride Leader
      • MA – Club Secretary
      • KE – Treasurer
      • MS – Ride Leader
      • SC – Ride Leader
      • DG – Ride Leader
    • Therefore, the DCC club insurance does not cover individual members. It is strongly recommended that individual members have their own personal ride insurance. Members need to enter the club code 90095042 on the Cycling UK Website to access the discount.
    • Members also agreed that that the club would become a British Cycling affiliated member where DCC members will be able to benefit from on-going British Cycling discounts. Action: RC to investigate British Cycling membership.
  • Website / Facebook / Annual Cost
    • Members agreed to continue with the DCC website and therefore, all domains should stay in place / renewed.
    • Members agreed that the current use of Facebook and STRAVA should remain. It was noted that members should make an active effort to update these social media sites so that the club remains current. Action: MA to link DCC website to Facebook.
  • Election of Committee.
    • RC agreed to stay as Chairman for another year.
    • MA agreed to remain as Secretary for another year
    • KE agreed to remain as Treasurer for another year
  • DCC Club Ethos / Ride Format Discussion.
    • Lively discussion mostly focussing on reasons why the group is splintering on club rides. It was generally agreed to adopt the following to help prevent splintering:
      • Ride Leaders will look to publish in advance the ride’s course / route on the club’s WhatsApp group message and/or on STRAVA. Club members are encouraged to download the course.
      • There will be 5/6 winter (December to March) courses / routes published that will be seen as default rides.
      • Ride leaders will provide a briefing before each club ride.
      • Respect the Ride leader. If you do not know the course and/or not been able to download the course then do not take the lead and force the pace up. Be respectful to check at junctions and climbs that all riders are together. These are places where the group will typically splinter.
      • Where possible the deployment of a back rider “Sweeper” whose role will be to ride close to the back of the group and look out for riders who are either struggling at the ride’s current pace, lost the wheel, and/or had a mechanical. The Sweeper will seek to either shepherd them back by providing “a wheel” and/or communicate to the front too slow down / stop.
      • Greater communication is required to enable better group organisation. Don’t be shy at letting riders know if the pace is too high or you have a problem. Action: RC to publish DCC guidelines on group riding behaviour and etiquette
      • Recognized that ride groups over 10 is generally more hazardous to ourselves / other road users and also harder to keep together in a single group. Depending on numbers and ability it may be prudent to ride in 2 separate groups. This will be decided at the beginning of the ride.
    • Mallorca 2020 Update
      • Discussion around potential ride destinations / distance
      • Mark to arrange a pub date to discuss and formally agree rides / courses.
    • 2019 Club Awards
      • Congratulations to SC for picking up 2019 Most DCC Club Rides award.
    • Any Other Business
        • With no further business the AGM was closed.


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